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115+ Positive And Empowering Fitness Affirmations

Affirmations are a great tool to help empower and motivate yourself. Fitness affirmations can help you feel positive about your body, exercise, eating right, as well as discourage and replace negative self-talk.

So, if you’re ready to change your mindset, focus on health, strength, and provide your mind with positive and empowering messages, check out these 115+ Fitness Affirmations!

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Here’s what we’ll go over in this article:

Positive Fitness Affirmations

Want to add a few positive affirmations to help you reach your fitness goals? Here are a few to help encourage positive thoughts.

1. I eat healthy, nutritious foods that boost my energy and prepare me for the fitness activities I enjoy.

2. I am motivated to achieve my fitness goals by setting small attainable milestones along the way.

3. When facing fitness challenges I focus on my strengths instead of focusing on what I’m not good at or can’t do.

4. When challenges arrive I embrace them and the opportunities they present to learn and grow.

5. I understand it’s easy to get off track but I am committed to fitness success, no matter how long it takes.

6. I welcome activities into my life because they help me achieve fitness goals, boost my energy, and strengthen my body.

7. I am filled with enthusiasm which helps me reach fitness goals faster and easier than I ever thought possible.

8. I believe in myself, my abilities, fitness potential, and my dreams.

9. I push myself to my limits because I know that growth is found at the end of plateaus.

10. I am one workout away from success.

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Motivational Affirmations

Need a little motivation to get started on your exercise routine or get you fired up for your workout session? Check out these fitness affirmations…

11. I am fully committed to my fitness goals, plans, and dreams.

12. I look forward to my workouts because I know they make me fitter, healthier, and bring me closer to fitness success.

13. Each day I wake up I get one step closer to fitness success.

14. Fitness is my top priority; workout activities are my favorite.

15. Exercising makes me feel energetic, strong, beautiful, and full of life.

16. Fitting exercise into my life helps me manage stress better plus it reduces anxiety and depression symptoms.

17. This fitness journey has twists, turns, challenges, and triumphs.

18. Adding exercise into my life has helped me discover the beauty and strength of who I am and will become.

19. Exercising is a passion of mine; it’s something that brings me joy and happiness every day.

20. When a fitness challenges come along I welcome them because I know fitness triumphs are around the corner.

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Healthy Lifestyle Affirmations

These healthy lifestyle affirmations are the perfect positive statements to help you create an inner dialogue of positive self-talk and limit negative thoughts so you can enjoy overall health and an active, healthy life.

21. Working out is one positive habit that helps me achieve fitness goals.

22. I only need to make small changes in my exercise routine to improve my overall fitness.

23. The more fitness goals I set for myself the more success I will have achieving them.

24. When fitness opportunities knock on my door, I always find success.

25. I commit to fitness success by making exercise activities a priority in my life.

26. Including exercise in my life brings confidence, joy, happiness, and a new level of health and wellness.

27. When I feel stressed, working toward my fitness goals is one of the first things I turn to because it relieves anxiety and negative feelings.

28. My mind is strong; I’m not weak-minded.

29. My fitness journey has hills, twists, and turns but I will always find fitness success at the end of the road as long as I don’t give up.

30. I’ve learned that opportunities are endless, fitness is one habit that can be mastered over time.

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Powerful Affirmations For Fitness

If you’re ready to start an exercise program to have a stronger body and love how your body looks, check out the following affirmations and choose one or two that jump out as a powerful statement to you. The words of encouragement can help you reach your highest level of fitness.

31. The more activities I try the easier fitness becomes.

32. I am more powerful than I know.

33. Adding fitness to my life has given me confidence, knowledge about fitness health, and fitness success that lasts a lifetime.

34. My body is powerful; it’s full of life and energy.

35. I am on a health journey, fitness will be one of my greatest discoveries.

36. The more I love myself just as I am, the more I will achieve.

37. When fitness challenges come along I embrace them because they help me become stronger than ever before.

38. Fitness is my top priority; fitness activities are my favorite.

39. I am fitness addicted; fitness is a positive habit that has improved my life.

40. I have the power to change fitness habits as often as activities come into my vision.

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I Am Fitness Affirmations

Repeating “I am” affirmations is a powerful way to influence the subconscious mind and your own perceptions. These new thoughts will so turn into positive actions!

41. I am strong and capable.

42. I am able to do the activities I want because I have a strong body.

43. I am excited to workout today.

44. I am in tune with myself, listen to my body, and honor what it’s telling me.

45. I am ready to take on a challenging workout.

46. I am dedicated to reaching my goals.

47. I am fit, healthy, and love my body.

48. I am increasing my energy, strength, and stamina every time I exercise.

49. I am healthy in body and mind.

50. I am creating the fitness, strength, and flexibility I want for a healthy body.

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Strength Affirmations

Since your mental state affects your everyday life, then feeling strong starts in the mind! If you believe you are strong and use daily affirmations, you will soon start to see your hard work pay off.

51. I am strong, healthy, and full of life.

52. I am stronger than I was yesterday.

53. I embrace new fitness challenges because they help me become stronger than ever before.

54. My body is full of strength and energy.

55. I push through my workouts and grow stronger every day.

56. Every day my muscles get a little bit bigger and more defined.

57. I dedicate myself to regular strength training and healthy eating because I want a strong body.

58. When I’m exercising I feel like superman, full of power and energy.

59. My fitness journey has its ups and downs but I keep going because it helps me become stronger than ever before.

60. Every day my physical strength is growing.

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Daily Fitness Affirmations

Empower yourself each day with words that will create the life that you want!

61. I love exercising because it’s one positive habit I can stick to for a healthy mind and body.

62. Fitting a workout into my life is an empowering, joyful experience.

63. Every day I become stronger physically and mentally.

64. Fitness builds confidence that guides me through that day’s challenges.

65. My body responds well to challenging fitness activities.

66. I can achieve fitness goals that seem out of reach because of my dedication and commitment to regular exercise.

67. My workouts are challenging, rewarding, and leave me feeling stronger because I persevere.

68. I am strong enough to stick with a difficult workout plan.

69. I treat my body like the powerful machine it is by fueling and resting it properly.

70. Every new challenge is a chance to grow stronger and more powerful, I am ready for the challenge.

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Gym Affirmations

Have trouble going to the gym? Choose an affirmation or two and watch your motivation change as your mindset changes.

71. I love the gym because it’s my time to focus on improving my body.

72. I am full of life and energy when I walk out of the gym.

73. The more I exercise the stronger and healthier I feel.

74. Every day is a chance to grow stronger in mind and body. Today is that day.

75. Fitness builds confidence that guides me through my day.

76. I am capable of sticking with a fitness plan and look forward to changes in my fitness level.

77. Today’s the day to feel stronger than ever, better than yesterday, and ready for tomorrow.

78. The gym is a sanctuary where I test my limits and grow stronger every time.

79. Fitness has improved my life in every way.

80. Go hard or go home! I’m going to give this workout everything I have.

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Weight Loss Affirmations

Struggling with losing weight? Everyone knows eating right and exercising are important, but don’t forget- change starts in the mind!

81. My weight loss journey is an empowering, daily adventure.

82. Every day I get one step closer to my goals by sticking with a fitness plan that works for me.

83. Today’s the day for weight loss.

84. Every workout I get stronger and lighter.

85. My fitness plan has me eating right to lose weight.

86. I make healthy choices at the grocery store to support my weight loss efforts.

87. The number on the scale does not determine my self-worth.

88. I feel light, energetic, and confident when I stick with my fitness plan.

89. I am getting healthy to be the best version of myself.

90. Today’s the day for achieving my goals.

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Building Muscle Affirmations

Working to build muscle during your workout sessions and be in great physical shape? Here are a few fitness affirmations to create a strong mind too!

91. I dedicate myself to building lean muscle because it makes me stronger and healthier.

92. My body builds muscle when I feed it the right foods, exercise, and take time to rest.

93. I follow proven exercises and techniques to help me build muscle safely.

94. My muscles are growing stronger every day.

95. Every workout session is an opportunity for growth and change.

96. When things get tough, that’s when my body gets the best workout.

97. I take the time to build my muscles properly and safely.

98. My workouts are efficient and effective at helping me grow lean muscle mass.

99. I push myself hard and get results, allowing me to see what’s possible when I give it my all.

100. I am dedicated to building lean muscle because it takes time and dedication, but it’s worth every minute.

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Mental Fitness Affirmations

Mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness, so start a daily exercise of the mind and soon you will see the power of affirmations!

101. My mind is clear and focused when I stick to my fitness plan.

102. Every day I choose what kind of person I want to be, today I carve out a positive fitness identity for myself.

103. Every day, I get closer to becoming the best version of myself.

104. My mental health takes priority and exercise helps me feel happy and healthy.

105. I’m feeling healthy and full of life from all this exercise.

106. Every workout session produces the results that help me grow and become better.

107. My body and mind are in harmony when I exercise regularly.

108. Fitness brings me things money cannot buy: good health, strength, longevity, and happiness.

109. I am in control of my life and that includes living a healthy lifestyle.

110. Change starts in the mind before it is ever experienced in the body.

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Self-Respect Affirmations

Eating right, exercising, and living an overall healthy lifestyle isn’t just about weight loss or being muscular, it’s all about listening to your body’s needs so you can live a long healthy life! So pick an affirmation and start creating your true self!

111. I take pride in how hard my body works to keep me healthy and strong.

112. My day is full of possibilities because I am a fit, healthy version of myself.

113. The more disciplined I am about fitness the less time I have to focus on negativity.

114. Every day I make a choice that propels me one step closer to my goals.

115. Working out is how I lay the foundation for a better, healthier future.

116. No matter what, I will continue growing stronger every day no matter how tough things get.

117. My fitness journey has been tough but it’s worth every single challenge.

118. Fitness is part of my life and I make time for it every day.

119. I believe in myself and know that sticking to a fitness plan works.

120. Every workout session helps me discover more about myself and how far I can go.

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How To Use Easily Use Fitness Affirmations

If you read an affirmation that resonates with you, try some of these ideas to actually put them to use:

  • Write the affirmation and read it often as a reminder throughout your day
  • Say the words to yourself as a sort of mantra
  • Share the affirmation on your favorite social media platform
  • Keep a list of your favorite affirmations to refer to when you’re in need of positive or inspiring thoughts
  • Use the affirmation as a journal prompt or an addition to your favorite journal

And finally, be patient. Changing thoughts and beliefs can take time!

Last Thoughts About Fitness Affirmations

Using fitness affirmations can be extremely powerful for positive change. Keep in mind that affirmations are an excellent motivational tool, not a magic spell that will deliver results in a single day. So be patient, but persistent

!If you’re not already exercising, check with your doctor before starting a new fitness plan. This is especially important if you have any kind of injury or chronic condition.

And whether you work out in a home gym, take a yoga class, or enjoy a variety of gym classes, please be aware of your body’s limitations and listen to what it needs – never push yourself past a safe limit.

I hope these fitness affirmations inspire, motivate, and empower you toward creating the best version of yourself.

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