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Discover Your Path
To Optimal Health

Holistic health and wellness embracing
mind, body & spirit.


Personal Attention

Holistic Approach

Customized Protocols

Too many women are just surviving when they deserve to thrive!

Mood swings
Irregular periods
Acne/skin issues

Brain fog
Digestive disturbances
Unwanted weight changes
Sleep issues
Low libido

Does this sound like you?

Better health is possible!

“Just because symptoms are common, doesn’t mean they are normal. We often settle for poor health, unaware that a better, more vibrant life is within our reach.”

I work with clients to balance all aspects of mind, body & spirit. By strengthening the body and building a strong foundation, true health and wellness are possible.

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A Radiantly Healthy Life’s
Client-Centered Holistic Approach

Our specialized approach delivers personalized care focused on strengthening the foundations of health for overall wellness.

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Holistic and Simplified Method

When you nurture all aspects of the mind, body & spirit you create a strong foundation of wellness.


Gentle Approach and Powerful Outcomes

It’s best to identify the root cause and support the body’s innate healing wisdom.

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Empowering and Sustainable

When you listen to your body’s gentle signals, you can achieve and maintain balance.

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A Fresh Start to Wellness

Our unique packages include laboratory tests, personalized wellness strategies, one-on-one guidance, and regular follow-ups.

What Our Clients Are Saying…

​”Unique testing revealed amazing insights into my health. It’s transformed my wellness journey, and I’m on a path to feeling better.
Thanks so much!”

Lindsay H.

“The HTMA test was a real eye-opener. That, along with the diet and supplement suggestions from Amy have helped me begin to see that a healthier life is possible.”

Lily G.

“I can’t thank Amy enough for helping me. With her recommendations, I’m seeing real results and feeling empowered to make lasting changes.​”

Jessica F.

The journey to radiant health takes time, patience, and a guide who understands your unique path.

Take the first step today and schedule your free 20-minute consultation.

Free 7-Day Energy Reboot Challenge

Simple steps to ditch fatigue and feel better!

7-day energy reboot challenge

Feeling tired all the time and want to know why? Sign up for our free email challenge! You’ll start with a quick quiz to figure out where your body is struggling. Then, I’ll show you some easy but important steps to help restore your energy and vitality!

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