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Path To Restoration

Our Signature Program for a Personalized Path to Radiant Health

Personal Attention

Holistic Approach

Customized Protocols

Path to Restoration was created just for you!

Our comprehensive signature program is a deeply personal journey to better health,
uniquely tailored to your individual needs.


Virtual or phone appointments are
available with priority scheduling.


Detailed lab tests and a comprehensive
evaluation will help create a plan just for you.


You will have an open line of communication for
questions and support through your program.

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Embracing the Innate Power of Holistic Health

Holistic health is all about viewing you as a whole person – body, mind, and spirit – and understanding how these elements work together to keep you healthy. It’s more than just treating symptoms; it’s about digging deeper to find the root causes of health issues and addressing them gently, yet effectively.

“True wellness is about bringing together your body, mind, and spirit.
It’s realizing that everything you do, think, feel, and believe impacts your well-being. Remember, even though healing and inner work are personal journeys, you don’t have to walk that path alone.”

The 4 Phases Of Restoration

Path to Restoration takes a step-by-step approach to uncover the underlying cause of any health issue and support the body’s natural healing abilities. This program is divided into 4 phases:

1. Reveal

This initial step involves an in-depth health evaluation, encompassing both physical and emotional aspects. We also conduct targeted functional tests to uncover any underlying imbalances or health concerns. Our goal is to thoroughly understand your unique health profile, exploring all factors that might influence your well-being.

2. Revitalize

In this phase, we focus on tailored healing strategies that align with your body’s natural rhythms. Your personalized wellness plan may include a blend of dietary guidance, natural supplements, and lifestyle modifications. This phase is dedicated to nurturing your body and mind, laying a strong foundation for lasting health.

3. Radiate

In the “Radiate” phase, you’ll shine with newfound health and vibrancy. This is the stage where you become finely attuned to your body and mind, quickly recognizing any mental or physical symptoms or patterns. Feeling well overall, we conduct a comprehensive health review to celebrate your progress.

4. Reaffirm

This is about empowering you to maintain your health in the long term. Discover the tools to build resilience against life’s stresses to continue thriving in your everyday life. You will learn to sustain your newfound health, vitality, and balance, fully equipped to embrace life’s joys and challenges.

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What Our Clients Are Saying…

“Amy just gets it! I have been struggling with stress and ended up totally exhausted. I had never heard of HTMA testing but was ready to try anything. I have been so impressed! Amy’s recommendations are simple but effective and she gave me hope that I can continue to feel better.

Sarah L.

“The HTMA test literally turned my life around. Amy was warm, kind, and explained everything. She shared great suggestions for simple (but effective!) diet and lifestyle changes, along with a few whole-food supplements. My fatigue is so much better, brain fog is gone, and my skin is even clearer!

Olivia H.

“I’d been struggling with digestive issues for what felt like forever. Amy’s advice on healing my gut and mineral balancing has been a revelation. In just a short time, I’ve seen a huge difference. So grateful for her insights and genuine care!”

Claire M.

Included In This Package Is….

*Essential lab tests
*Thorough health analysis
*Personalized wellness plan
*Unlimited email support
*Monthly phone/virtual appts.

*Priority scheduling
*Discount on supplements
*Annual health review & planning session
*Discount on additional testing (if necessary)
*Tailored support with options for ongoing care

Beginning Your Journey Is Easy

Your Free
20-Minute Consultation

Decide If
Path to Restoration Is Right For You

Start Building A
Strong Foundation
Of Health

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