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I Know How You’re Feeling

You’re hopeful that your answer is out there, but you feel stuck. You have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on treatments that didn’t work and the fatigue, aches and pains, brain fog, weight gain, and other symptoms are still there and always on your mind.

The fact is… finding answers to your health issues can be confusing, frustrating, and overwhelming.

Does this sound familiar?

You went to your doctor, hoping a few tests would show what’s wrong, and a simple pill or supplement would fix it all. Easy, right? But I’m guessing that’s not quite how it worked out.

Or maybe you tried health coaching or some new therapy, crossing your fingers that something would finally help you feel better. But then it turns out to be just another extreme diet, a shoebox full of costly supplements, and you’re still left wondering what’s going on with your health – plus, your wallet’s feeling the pinch.

It’s a story I’ve heard from so many women and even experienced myself.

But here’s what I’ve learned…

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You Want To Feel Better And Have More Energy.
You’re Overwhelmed, Exhausted, And Losing Hope.
Not Sure If You Will Ever Find The Answers.

There are just some things that are more difficult if you do them alone and building
a solid foundation of health is one of them.
The truth is, you need someone who has been in your shoes to walk with you down this path.
Now, you can piece together a plan and hope that it works, or you could invest in a guide,
a coach, who has helped others achieve what you dream of having:

A revitalized life brimming with unstoppable energy, deep-rooted wellness, and joyful moments with loved ones.

Struggling Friend…I See You!

I know all about what you’re going through because I spent almost a decade struggling with extreme fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, crippling anxiety, food intolerances, and a mile-long list of other symptoms. 

As a mother to (then) young girls, being unable to do the activities I loved and be the mom and wife I wanted to be was devastating.

No matter which of the doctors (including integrative), nurse practitioners, neurologists, psychologists, or other specialists I consulted, or how much testing they did (and how much money I spent!), I could not get to the root problem and find a solution.  It was always the same response, “Your tests look fine”, “You’re just depressed”, and “Just eat less and exercise more”.  

But, after a chance encounter with an HTMA practitioner and discovering the power of minerals, I finally found the answer I was searching for and was able to give my body what it needed. I quickly started to see changes in my health.

After that, I knew I had to help other women!  

Now, after years of learning and healing, I help guide other women by offering functional testing and personalized protocols so they too can enjoy radiant health and wellness!

My Goal Is To Help Women Find The Resources And Information They Need To Achieve Radiant Health In The Most Gentle, But Effective Way Possible.

What Clients Are Saying…

​”After years of feeling unheard by doctors, this program was my lifeline. I’ve regained my energy and joy for life, and I’m finally feeling like myself again”

Sarah T.

​”I was skeptical at first, but this program changed everything for me. My sleep has improved, my anxiety is better, and I’m enjoying life again.”

Emily W.

​”Never thought a program could help me this much. It was easy to follow and I’m feeling way better. I’m getting my energy back, and can even play with my kids now.”

Renee B.

I’m Here So You Don’t Make The Same Mistakes I Did.

I began guiding women toward improved health after seeing too many struggle daily, unable to be the mom, wife, or vibrant woman they wanted to be and achieve the optimal wellness they truly deserve.

woman with her child

Think about this – improving your health doesn’t just help you. It’s like a superpower that can make life better for your family and even your community! When you start feeling better, everyone around you benefits from your energy and happiness.

That’s why I’m here: to show you easy and practical ways to get healthier. From making small diet and supplement changes to finding simple ways to relax and de-stress, I’ve got tons of tips and tricks up my sleeve.

We’ll take it step by step, so you won’t feel overwhelmed.

I really believe that any woman can reach her health goals and leave all that stress and burnout behind. It’s not about doing everything perfectly; it’s about making little changes that add up to big results. You don’t have to do this alone – I’ll be with you all the way, cheering you on and helping you find what works best for you.

Let’s make it happen together! Imagine waking up feeling refreshed, having the energy to play with your kids, and being the happy, healthy person you’ve always wanted to be. We can turn that dream into reality, one step at a time.

Why Work With Me?

I’m not just any health coach – my background is a unique blend of knowledge and passion. My journey began in my mom’s health food store, where I first learned how proper nutrition, quality supplements, and a bit of encouragement can transform health.

That’s what led me to create “Path to Restoration,” a program that’s as unique as your health needs. We don’t do one-size-fits-all here; we tailor everything to fit you perfectly, using thorough testing to guide us.

So, what makes me different? Well, I’ve got a degree in Human Services, I’m a licensed Massage Therapist, and I’ve got certifications in Advanced Eriksonian Hypnosis and as an HTMA Consultant. Plus, I hold a Diploma in Homeopathy. This mix of education and certifications means I bring a well-rounded, holistic approach to your health journey.

Together, we’ll dive deep into your health concerns with a plan crafted just for you. (Expect to see changes in your energy, digestion, sleep, mood, and overall life quality!)

Your personalized journey with me covers everything from digestive health to sleep improvement, adrenal support, and nervous system care. And when you’re ready, I have effective detox plans if needed.

Holistic health is our core philosophy. We see you as a whole – body, mind, and spirit – and tackle health issues from the root. Our program is convenient with virtual appointments, customized based on detailed tests, and coordinated with ongoing support.

“Path to Restoration” is a comprehensive, four-phase journey to lasting health. We start with a thorough health evaluation, move to tailored healing strategies, celebrate your health milestones, and empower you for the long term.

Ready for a health journey tailored to your unique needs, guided by my diverse expertise? Book a free consultation, and let’s get started on your path to vibrant health!

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