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No Candy Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate with the one we love.

For many people, this means giving Valentine’s Day gifts like a fancy dinner, chocolates, wine or champagne, and enjoying a nice evening or even a romantic weekend together.

But what if you aren’t the fancy dinner type, don’t have a sitter, or can’t take a weekend trip right now?

No problem!

Here are great candy-free ideas that can help you spend time together, give a gift they will love and have one of your best Valentine’s Day together yet!

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Great Valentine’s Day Gifts For Health & Happiness

I don’t know about you, but these awesome gifts are on my list this year.

It is so fun to give gifts that people will love, don’t already have, and will add to their health and wellness!

Customized Print

This print is a thoughtful gift that anyone would love!
It includes names, wedding date, and lyrics to the first dance. (This would make a great anniversary gift too!)

Badger Deep Tissue Massage Oil

Is your loved one on their feet all day or do they feel stressed? Give them a massage with Badger Aromatherapy Massage Oil! It is a soothing oil blend that includes Lavender, Bergamot, and Balsam Fir. Your loved one will be relaxed, rejuvenated, and stress will be a thing of the past!

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath Flakes

There is nothing more relaxing than a long soak in a warm tub! Add magnesium bath flakes to help with relaxation and stress along with some beautiful dried flowers, and you’ve got a wonderfully luxurious bath.

If you’re trying to give your loved one something special, remember, sometimes the nicest gifts are the simplest, yet most thoughtful. And a nice, uninterrupted bath could be just what they need 😉

Weighted Blanket & Duvet Cover

Does your loved one have trouble sleeping? Maybe a weighted blanket would help!

This blanket is made with 100% organic cotton and has a breathable bamboo cover so your loved one can be snuggly, cool, and sleep like a baby 🙂

Personalized Connect Four

Love playing games? Add some fun to your Valentine’s Day with this wooden, personalized Connect Four game that is unique and sure to surprise any game lover!

Uncommon Questions

Feel like you need to reconnect with your partner? Here is a fun way to do just that!

This set includes 200 uncommon questions that can be used as a daily tool to reconnect and strengthen your relationship.

Shiatsu Mat & Pillow Set

A shiatsu mat can help reduce pain, relax muscles, relieve stress, and improve sleep by using thousands of acupressure points on the mat to stimulate nerves and improve circulation.

With all of the health benefits, you might want to buy yourself one too 😉

Hot/Cold Neck & Should Wrap

This neck and shoulder wrap can be microwaved for soothing heat therapy or put in the freezer to be used for cold therapy. It is perfect for the relief of soreness, stiffness, tension, or muscle pain.

Filled with flax seeds, herbs, and covered in a soft material, this wrap is sure to be used often!

Chemex Pour Over Glass Coffee Maker

Is your loved one a coffee lover? The Chemex pour-over glass coffee maker will make coffee so good you’ll think you’re in a coffee house!

Pair this with organic, fair-trade coffee and you have a gift that will be enjoyed over and over!

Organic Cotton Robe

An organic cotton robe is a wonderful gift! Your sweetie will love having a soft, comfortable robe to wrap up in after a bath or on a lazy Sunday morning.

This robe is 100% cotton, one size fits most, and is machine washable.

Other Great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Not sure the Valentine’s Day gifts above are what you’re looking for? No problem!

Here are a few extras that might just do the trick 😉

Verilux Happy Light– this happy light can help regulate the circadian rhythm, increase energy, and improve mood.

Healthy Cookbook– find new cookbooks that will fit your nutrition and lifestyle needs for the chef in your life.

Plant Therapy Diffuser Set– turn your home into a relaxing and rejuvenating refuge with this essential oil diffuser set.

Stovetop Popcorn Popper– want to have a cozy and romantic night at home? Pick out a movie and use this stovetop popcorn popper to make a delicious snack. Don’t forget to get organic popcorn kernels too!

Experience Gifts

Love the idea of giving an experience gift but need a few ideas? I’ve got you covered?

*Spa day


*Meditation subscription

*A weekend away with no kids (bonus if you go somewhere that has special meaning)

*A gift certificate for family pictures

*Tickets to a favorite play or movie

Well, there is the No Candy Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!

I hope this takes away the stress of gift-giving and you were able to get a few great ideas for your loved one 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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