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10+ Healthy Easter Gifts For Adults

Easter is an important day of celebration for Christians, but if are not a Christian, it may be a day that you celebrate with family, friends, and the easter bunny.

No matter your reason for celebration, Easter is a great way to spend time with those who mean a lot.

And for many people, this means giving gifts, so I thought it would be fun to make a gift guide that offers healthy Easter gifts for adults! (Because you are never too old for an Easter gift or basket!)

Now, you can always go the route of a fancy dinner or a nice weekend trip, but what if you don’t have a sitter, extra money, or time off work, or are shopping for an Easter gift for adult children?

No problem!

Here are healthy and unique Easter gifts that can help you spend time together, give a gift they will love, and have a great holiday!

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Easter Gifts For Adults (That They Will Love!)

I don’t know about you, but these awesome gifts are on my list this year.

It is so fun to give gifts that people will love, don’t already have, and will add to their health and wellness!

Check out some of the gift-giving fun right here 👇

Avocado Tree Growing Kit

Know someone that loves avocados and has a green thumb? This avocado tree growing kit would be a perfect gift idea! It’s a unique gift that is sure to please 😊

Garden Tool Set

Speaking of gardening, this cute garden tool set is perfect for the gardener in your life! It has all of the necessary tools, gloves, and a super handy carrying tote. Your gardener will be in heaven and think of you every time she’s out in her happy place with her hands in the dirt.

Cute Ladybugs-Garden Wall Art

These cute little ladybugs would be great to hang on your garden fence, used as table decor, or anywhere you need a little adorable bug art!

Indoor Herb Garden Kit

If the person you’re giving a gift to doesn’t have a garden or likes fresh herbs, consider this indoor herb garden kit. This entire kit, including seeds, soil, and pots are certified organic and sustainable!

These herbs will look wonderful in a kitchen window and not only add a touch of life and greenery but will be the gift that keeps on giving by adding wonderful flavors to delicious home-cooked meals.

Bamboo Bathtub Tray

If you know a person that needs a little relaxation (or maybe likes to soak sore muscles) this bathtub tray is an amazing gift idea! It can hold a glass of wine, a book (or ebook), and ensures that they can relax and not have things slipping into the tub from the side or getting all wet.

Want to really help someone relax in the tub? Add these natural bath salts with lavender, magnesium flakes, and Epsom salts to the bath tray and you can be sure that relaxation is on the way!

Professional Pedicure Kit

Summer is on its way, if you know someone that loves to wear sandals or flip-flops and enjoys having a pedicure, this might be just the gift for them! A professional pedicure kit could give them the tools they need to have smooth, healthy-looking feet without the hassle of going to the spa. Or, it could help their feet keep that just at the spa look in-between visits!

Want to add something special to go along with the professional pedicure kit? Why not give a bottle or two of non-toxic nail polish, peppermint sugar scrub, or healing foot balm?

Hand Poured Beeswax Candle

Beeswax candles produce almost no smoke, are slow-burning, and are made from a sustainable resource. Those on your list will love a beeswax candle for those reasons and because it has a wonderful smell without the chemicals used in other candles.

And this lavender mint beeswax candle smells amazing!

Essential Oil Blend & Lotus Diffuser

This spring-inspired essential oil blend and diffuser are a perfect Easter gift for adults that love their home, office, or personal space to smell fresh and beautiful!

Plant Therapy is well known for high-quality essential oils, and this blend that they have come up with is perfect for calming and uplifting moods. Just put a few drops on the lotus flower and the scent will diffuse up to 15 sq. feet. No electricity or heat is needed!

Engraved Initial Bracelet

Have someone on your list that likes simple, yet beautiful jewelry? Maybe this ""” rel=”nofollow sponsored” class=”rank-math-link”>engraved initial bracelet would be something they would like. This bracelet is simple and casual but will add a little fancy to any outfit.

Pure & Simple Makeup Kit

Know a teenager or woman that is thinking of switching to a more natural makeup but isn’t sure which to try? This Jane Iredale pure & simple makeup kit is a great way to try new, natural makeup. The kit includes foundation, eye shadow, blush, & lip and cheek stain- everything needed for a fresh spring look!

Want to add a little something extra? Why not include organic bamboo reusable makeup remover pads! They are eco-friendly and come with two makeup blending sponges.

Looking for a few small basket stuffers for an adult Easter basket? Here are some fun ideas…

Theo organic chocolate bars- variety flavors

Simply Natural organic breath mints

Badger lip balm

The official Friends cookbook (this would be a fantastically fun gift for anyone who is a fan of the tv show Friends!)

Cute novelty socks

Experience Gifts

Love the idea of giving an experience gift but need a few ideas? I’ve got you covered!

*Spa day


*Meditation subscription

*A weekend away with no kids (bonus if you go somewhere that has special meaning)

*A gift certificate for family pictures

*Tickets to a favorite play or movie

Well, there are a few fun & (mostly) healthy Easter gifts for adults!

I hope this takes away the stress of gift-giving and you were able to get a few great ideas for your loved ones 🙂

Happy Easter!

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