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10 Benefits Of A Fitness Journal (+Why You Should Keep One!)

A fitness journal is an invaluable tool to keep track of physical activity, water intake, nutrition goals, body measurements, accomplishments, and all of your wellness goals!

If you are interested in getting fit, increasing strength, and achieving your fitness goals, then you should definitely consider using a workout journal.

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10 Benefits Of A Fitness Journal

Wondering if keeping a fitness journal is right for you? Here are 10 key reasons to consider giving it a try!

1. Track your progress

Some of the biggest benefits of having a fitness planner is that it will help you come up with a fitness routine, track the progress as you increase physical fitness, and achieve goals.

Often times we hit roadblocks or plateaus, but a detailed fitness journal can help you find actionable points to work on while staying motivated to keep going.

2. Keep track of workouts

Whether you are a weightlifter, a runner, enjoy strength training, or anything in between there is something to be said about workout tracking.

Keeping an up-to-date fitness journal that includes the types of exercises you need for your exercise routine can help remind you exactly what to do for each training session, as well as when to incorporate rest intervals.

A fitness journal is a perfect place to keep track of daily goals, workout notes, a weekly review, and even self-care ideas!

3. Keep yourself accountable

A large part of maintaining a good workout plan (and staying consistent) is keeping yourself motivated and accountable.

Once you start writing down your goals, seeing progress, and noticing the changes in your body, you will definitely feel motivated.

But, until that happens, or if you hit a plateau, a workout lo or training journal can help you stay accountable for the healthy lifestyle that you are creating.

4. Take one day at a time

When you start on your fitness journey it can seem like your goals are almost unattainable, but if you set up your workout routine and take one day at a time, you won’t feel as overwhelmed.

Making a big lifestyle change like adding an exercise program isn’t always easy, but daily workout pages and thinking of only the next workout will help.

5. Track water intake throughout the day

Keeping track of your fluid intake can help you decide how much water you need each day for optimal function.

Proper hydration is essential to having enough energy, body detoxification, maintaining healthy body weight, and overall health.

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6. Create a grocery list

Keeping a fitness journal means tracking what foods you eat and often times writing down recipes. If you enjoy cooking, a fitness journal is a great place to keep a list of foods and recipes so that you can easily reference them as needed.

7. Make a meal plan

As you begin to take steps to better health, it is important to start meal planning. This is a great way to plan your food for the week, have healthy food in the house, stay organized, and even save money!

Writing out a meal plan will help ensure that you get enough food throughout the day and are also fueling yourself with healthy choices. Plus, it takes the guesswork out of what to eat every day.

8. Track goals, rewards, and accomplishments

Having a place to keep track of your goals can be an invaluable tool as you change your lifestyle for the better.

In addition to having a spot to write out goals, it is also helpful to place reminders such as reward dates (if you achieve a small goal, reward yourself with something fun!) and also mark down accomplishments.

9. Enter and track your measurements

Tracking your measurements can be an important step as you progress on your journey to health.

Tracking your measurements can help provide insight as to how well your fitness and exercise plan is working in addition to what needs to be adjusted to reach your goals.

10. Maintain a workout diary

In addition to having a list of workouts, you can also use your fitness planner as a workout diary.

This could include writing about how you felt during a workout routine or specific exercise, encouraging affirmations, inspirational quotes, daily moods, or even items to include in your gym bag.

Helpful Supplies Needed For Tracking Your Progress With A Fitness Or Exercise Journal

To set goals and keep track of progress it can be as simple as a pencil and paper, or as involved as buying a physical book, colored pens or pencils, stickers, and whatever else you feel you need to reach your goals.

The exact supplies needed will be different for each person, but here are a few things I’ve found that are helpful 🙂

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1. A printable fitness journal

I found a printable fitness journal to be the easiest method because with a notebook or sheets of paper I didn’t have a framework or consistency, so organization was an issue. I also found that a physical notebook was less productive for similar reasons.

With a printable fitness planner, I am able to print off the exact pages I need for the week or month, stay organized, and it is easy to look back and see progress.

2. Pens

All you really need is one good pen or pencil, but if you feel like getting creative or color-coding weeks, months, or anything else then a set of colored pens or pencils can be a great help.

3. A calculator

No need to be fancy here. You can use a calculator on your phone, a small one from the dollar store, or your very own brain. Whatever helps you calculate steps, calories, workout times, or measurement changes will work.

4. A heart rate and step counter

Just like the other supplies listed, this can be a simple pedometer or Fitbit, an app on your phone, or whatever you find most helpful that fits into your budget. This isn’t absolutely necessary, but it can give you a good idea of your activity level, heart rate, and make keeping track of these metrics very simple.

FAQs About A Fitness Journal

Still have a few questions about how a fitness journal could help you increase daily activity, reach weekly goals, and create a healthier lifestyle? Let me see if I can help!

Why should I keep a fitness journal?

Having a place for everything health and fitness-related can be an excellent way to ensure that you are always on track.

Having a journal will help keep your ideas, goals, and accomplishments organized so that you have them on hand whenever you need them.

What kind of journal should I look for?

There are many kinds of fitness journals available. Planners offer different layouts, journaling pages, and even space to take notes.

Having an idea of what aspects of your life you would like to keep track of will help you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Is a fitness journal worth the effort?

Absolutely! Having a fitness journal is an excellent way to help motivate yourself and stay on track with your goals.

A fitness journal can be as simple or complex as you would like it, but it is definitely worth the effort.

What are the steps of fitness planning?

The steps of fitness planning vary depending on the individual and their own needs. Many times it is as simple as setting goals and coming up with a plan to achieve them.

Others will find that they benefit from having a set timeline, daily or weekly check-ins, and even daily or weekly reminders. Have an idea of what your specific health and fitness needs are and tailor your fitness journal to help address them.

If you need help you can always make an appointment with a personal trainer to help you get started.

A Few Last Thoughts About Keeping A Fitness Journal

Fitness journals can be used in many different ways, but there is no doubt that they can help you stay organized, consistent, and on track to meet your goals.

Whether you simply want to get yourself moving more or track your training progress, a fitness journal is an excellent way to keep all aspects of health and fitness in one place for ease of use and review.

Interested in more information on how to get fit, increase strength and flexibility, and helpful products? Visiting the fitness section to learn more!

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