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Book Review: The MindBody Toolkit By Dr. Kim D’Eramo

The MindBody Toolkit by Dr. Kim D’Eramo is a short, but information-packed book that can help increase self-awareness, improve the mind-body connection, and offers valuable tools so you can access your true power!

The method outlined goes so much further (and is much different) than manifesting, and best of all, the tools Dr. D’Eramo provides are based on scientific principles.

If you are dealing with any type of mental or physical ailment and feel frustrated with your lack of healing so far, are having difficulty finding practitioners that are a good fit, or feel lost and want to empower yourself with knowledge and start taking steps to regain your health, this book is a great place to start!

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Is The MindBody Toolkit For Me?

Well, do you deal with….

  • strained relationships
  • job dissatisfaction
  • health issues that don’t seem to resolve
  • anxiety, depression
  • chronic fatigue
  • adrenal fatigue
  • stress overload
  • a feeling that life is difficult
  • uncertainty in love, career, or life in general

If so, you may want to pick up The MindBody Toolkit and see how the ten tools that are included can help you connect to your true self, direct your attention to what you do want (instead of what you don’t), and create the life you really desire.

“Your consciousness has a direct, physical impact on your body.”

Dr. D’Eramo

The reason I say that this book is perfect for someone who is feeling lost, frustrated with the state of health in mind or body, or is frustrated with medical options (or lack thereof) is that Dr. D’Eramo does a great job of explaining why the mind-body connection is essential to healing and creating your best life.

She provides great information in small, easily readable sections that include thought-provoking questions, affirmations, and exercises to help you to become open to receiving healing.

What Is This Book Really About?

I know that so far my description of The MindBody Toolkit may seem very similar to self-help or even spiritual books, but there is a difference.

In fact, in the very beginning, Dr. D’Eramo explains why the book should not be thought of as a self-help book at all.

Here is some of what she has to say:

“When you use this or any other work to fix a problem or heal disease, there’s always still energy going into “problem” or “disease”. You see, your energy creates your experience. When you try to heal, you amplify the “problem” as you go. It gets bigger, more complex, then there’s more for you to work on. That’s because attention is also going into fighting the disease or the pain. What you resist, persists!”

So, what happens when you focus so much energy on pain, disease, hopelessness, or fear?

Your actual cells are listening to chemical signals your body is getting from your mind, and this can enhance pain and powerlessness, along with reinforcing symptoms and thought patterns.

But what if you were to acknowledge your feelings, accept where you are right now, and focus on love? Love for yourself, your situation, your body…and maybe even include joy and gratitude.

By choosing this route, your body will receive different chemical signals, your stress response will lessen, chemicals that induce feelings of peace will be released, and you will be able to connect to your mind and body and understand what you need to start making the changes that will impact your life.

And that’s what this book does.

It gives 10 tools that can help you access the knowledge your heart holds and get in touch with your intuition.

Takeaways From The MindBody Toolkit

In this section, I’ll go over a few of the things I found really helpful in this book and a tip you might need if you decide to read it yourself (which I definitely recommend!).

1. Scientific Evidence

I love to read and research so I almost always look up at least a few of the resources an author cites. And as a believer and supporter of energy medicine for many years, I was really interested in finding what Dr. D’Eramo based her writing on. I didn’t notice a lot of citations (which is fine because this isn’t a write up in a scientific journal!), but she did mention resources such as HeartMath which is known for cutting-edge research on the heart-brain connection; Gay Hendricks- wrote a great book called The Big Leap (among others); And of course, Dr. D’Eramo’s own experiences as a physician.

2. Small Chapters

The MindBody Toolkit is a great choice even if you don’t feel like you have time to sit and read. The chapters are easy to read and not too long. You can even read just one per day!

In fact, it might be better to read one chapter per day (or even one per week if you want to really slow it down and work through the book) because then you could think over the material and put into use some of the exercises and affirmations at the end of each chapter.

This brings me to the next helpful feature of the book…..

3. Exercises And Affirmations

The exercises, or “prescriptions”, as Dr. D’Eramo calls them, are a perfect way to end each chapter because it gives the reader an action step to practice that compliments the material but also helps you to gain a deeper understanding of your thoughts, emotions, and how to listen to what you need to find healing.

The prescriptions, questions, and affirmations provide stepping stones to help you learn how to open to the life you really want and find the best course to get there.

A Helpful Tip….

So, there are three things I really liked and found helpful about The MindBody Toolkit, but let me share something that I have found helpful when reading this book, watching Dr. D’Eramo’s videos, or when taking her course- ready?

Here it is- reframe what she’s saying if you feel like you kind of get it but are having a hard time getting a concrete understanding of the information.

Let me explain.

Dr. D’Eramo is passionate about mind-body medicine and is very knowledgeable about that as well as conventional medicine, which I appreciate. She brings a very balanced view to much of what she discusses, but…..

Sometimes I had to stop and reframe what she was saying in my own mind, using my own language.

This happened much less when reading the book than it did watching videos, and I think it’s probably just the way my brain works or because it was such a new concept, but I do, at times, have to stop and re-read or re-watch important points she makes (or what strikes me as important), and let it sink in to really understand and grasp a concept.

Like I said though, this didn’t happen so much with the book, but I thought I should share that tip in case you felt the same 🙂

Another helpful tip– she also has a Facebook group that is pretty active so if you feel like you need a little more information, or understand the concept but not exactly how to implement it, there is a lot of helpful info there too.

If you’re interested in free downloads, joining the Facebook group, or other helpful resources you can find them here on her website.

Last Thoughts About The MindBody Toolkit

If you’ve read this whole article it will come as no surprise that I think The MindBody Toolkit is a great book to get you started on your mind-body connection.

I read this book when I was healing from adrenal fatigue but was not finding the level of health that I really desired.

I knew something was missing.

It was then that I realized I have read many great books about adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, and women’s health that provided great information healing your physical body, but I had almost completely ignored my emotional/mental body-and more importantly my heart.

This book started me on a journey of deep connection, acceptance, and healing that I didn’t even know I needed!

If you’re interested in mind-body work give this book a try.

Every tool offered may not resonate, but I am certain that after reading The MindBody Toolkit you will have a better idea of how to connect, accept, and welcome healing in a way you didn’t think possible!

Have you read this book? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to leave a comment or email me and share 🙂

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