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9 Natural Stain Removers (That Really Work!)

It’s that season again! Nope, not summer.

It’s stain season 😀

I don’t know how it is at your house, but at mine, from spring until the ground freezes stains are as abundant as the mosquitos.

And both can drive you crazy!

Now, I consider myself to be pretty crunchy, but I would be lying if I said that I was never tempted to use store-bought stain removers.

But then, I immediately remember that those are filled with harsh chemicals. I definitely don’t want to put that on clothes that my sweet girls wear.

The Problem With Store-Bought Stain Removers

You may be thinking, “What’s wrong with store-bought stain removers”?

Well, a quick search of EWG’s website and you can look up the ingredients, concerns, and other important information.

Many of the commercially available products have harsh chemicals, fragrances, and solvents. And I am just not comfortable using any of that in our laundry.

Like laundry detergent, the chemicals do not always wash out completely 🙁

So what’s a natural mama to do?

Use safe household products and DIY it, of course!

9 Natural Stain Removers You Probably Already Have On Hand!

1. White Vinegar

White vinegar is a must-have for laundry. It is cheap, safer than bleach, and works as a whitener and fabric softener too!

As for stains, use this if you are trying to remove mildew, underarm, or grease stains.

natural stain removers

2. Peroxide

Peroxide is an effective alternative to bleach for whitening clothes. It also helps in removing nail polish, wine stains, and yellow under the arms.

3. Salt

Yep, plain old salt can be used in the laundry. Reach for the cheap, white table salt when you need a mildly abrasive cleaner, need to remove rust stains, or absorb stains (like wine) before they set in.

natural stain removers

4. Baking Soda

Like vinegar, baking soda is a cheap yet effective product to add to your laundry stash. Baking soda helps boost laundry soap, refreshes fabrics, and helps absorb and remove grease stains.

5. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is fantastic for whites! It helps brighten and remove underarm and rust stains.

natural stain remover

6. Cornstarch

Like baking soda, cornstarch is great to have on hand for grease stains. If you happen to run out of baking soda or have cornstarch handy, grab it the next time you find yourself with grease on your favorite shirt.

7. Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is probably in most medicine cabinets but did you know that it can be useful for removing ink stains? It’s true!

*I’ve also tried hair spray in the past and that worked too 😉

8. Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds

This product is quickly becoming one of my favorites for laundry. I use this if I have a stain that needs pre-treated. So far all of the stains have been removed!

Just dab a little on the stain and gently scrub or mix with water in a spray bottle and spray on before washing.

Dr. Bronners Sal Suds

9. Sun

Nope, not kidding. I have had great luck with sunning some of our dingy clothes. If you really want really white whites, mix lemon juice and vinegar, let the clothes soak, then sun them. Whites will usually get super white!

Well, there you have it. With these 9 natural stain removers, you can get out almost any stain and save your clothes!

OH! I almost forgot!

When treating a stain, be sure to turn clothes inside out and treat from the inside! You don’t want to push the stain through the fabric.

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natural stain removers for laundry

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