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Nasaline: A Nasal Rinsing System For Sinus & Allergy Relief

Are you looking for medication-free relief from a stuffy head cold, allergy and sinus ailments? If so, you’re definitely going to want to look into a Nasaline irrigation syringe for nasal rinsing! It sounds strange, but this nasal rinsing device was created by a team of ear, nose, and throat specialists and is highly effective in reducing symptoms so you can experience drug-free relief.

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Interested in learning more about this unique product and how it could help you? Let’s jump right into it!

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There is nothing quite so frustrating as nasal irritation.

It may be stuffy, runny, or just plain itchy, and you may be desperate for relief.

These symptoms are often associated with allergic reactions, pregnancy congestion, a head cold, or sinus-related infections.

While pregnancy rhinitis and sinus infections could be more of a temporary issue, seasonal or household allergies can be tough to avoid, especially if the allergens are present in the air you breathe.

And while you can take steps to purify the air in your home or office, you may still have trouble when you go outside or open the windows!

Antihistamines (anti-allergy drugs) are often recommended to provide relief for a severe allergy sufferer, but they are not always effective, only manage the symptoms (not the cause), and involve taking medications that can have unwanted side effects.

If you are looking for a drug-free way to soothe mucus membranes, reduce congestion, and feel better, you may want to try a nasal rinsing system such as Nasaline.

Interesting fact:
Nasal rinsing originated several thousand years ago in Ayurveda – so it has been used as an effective method for cleaning the nose out for a very long time.

What Is Nasaline?

Nasaline is a unique and effective drug-free nasal rinsing system.

It’s similar to a neti pot (but much more effective!).

You just mix the premixed packets of nasaline salt with hot water in a mixing cup, let the water cool to body temperature, and use this effective tool to clean the sinus passages.

Now, I know that sounds weird (and maybe a little scary), but just stick with me for a minute!

Allergens such as pollen, dust, and pet dander are great at getting sucked high up in the nose, causing constant discomfort and irritation to those who may be allergic to them.

Nasal rinsing helps remove such allergens that may be present within the nose so that your body is no longer in contact with the allergen once they have been washed away.

The allergic reaction in the nose can lessen once the allergens have been removed, thus providing effective allergy relief.

In addition to helping with allergies, it has been found that ” Saline Nasal Irrigations (SNIs) can reduce the viral load in the nasal cavities“. In other words, the simple use of the saline solution and an irrigation device could help stay healthy during cold and flu season!

How Do You Use This Nasal Rinsing System?

Although they seem a little strange at first, nasal rinsing systems are actually pretty straightforward to use.

You need to mix sterile water and salt to make a saline mix (more on this in just a minute).

Once you have made your saline solution, you need to pour it into the Nasaline syringe.

The next step is to place the silicone tip of the nasal irrigator up against one nostril, then use the plunger and push the saline solution up the nasal passage.

The saline solution will wash out the nasal passages, and the solution comes out of the other nostril as it dislodged any mucus and allergens.

You can easily control the flow of the water passing through your nostrils, so it is a comfortable process for you to do.

Repeat this on the other side of the nostril to clean out both nasal passages thoroughly.

You can repeat the whole process if you wish to give your nostril passages a thorough cleaning and dislodge as much unwanted mucus as you can from your nostrils.

Quick Tips:

It is best to bend over the sink because the water that you push into one nostril is going to come out the other.

After using one plunger full in one nostril, I always like to gently blow my nose and then move onto the next side.

Also, if you’ve never done this, water is pushed through your nostril might remind you of getting water up your nose when your swimming or diving, so let me just give a helpful tip (and reminder)- if you have water in your nose, don’t breathe through it during this process.

It is best to breathe through your mouth.

Nasaline Nasal Rinse For Children

The Nasaline Junior is a great option for children who may be suffering nasal discomfort, irritation, and allergies.

Designed for children aged 4-12 years of age, just like the adult version, it is a great drug-free relief for nasal congestion and allergies.

The Nasaline Junior uses a syringe delivery system which makes it super easy to use with your children.

It’s as noninvasive as possible, and you can easily control the flow and pressure of the water through the nasal cavities to suit how well your child tolerates it.

The Nasaline Junior is designed to prevent backflow, therefore, reducing the chance of nasal debris or allergens getting caught back up again in the nostrils if the flow is stopped midway.

Some kids may not like having water up their nose (like my kids) so if you try it with your young ones be sure to take it slow and explain and demonstrate the process before beginning.

And be sure this is used with parental supervision!

How To Easily Make Saline Solution For Rinsing

When using your nasal rinsing system, an important step is to make sure you have the pre-measured saline packets that go with it.

All you have to do is read the directions, add salt and boiling water, let cool, and you’re ready to go!

The saline packets are made up of 99.99% purified sodium chloride specifically designed for use with the Nasaline rinsing system.

The benefit of using saline packets:

Using a saline solution in your nasal rinsing system is helpful as it opens up the nasal passages, eases inflammation, and restores moisture.

The saline solution is also an added step in making sure that your water is sterile.

While packets aren’t absolutely necessary for at-home use (you can buy a larger bag of nasal rinsing salt), the packets do make it easy to take on the go.

*Note- not all salt is appropriate for nasal rinsing so be sure to use the correct product!

Nasaline Safety Considerations

When using the Nasaline nasal rising system, it is essential to use sterile water for the Nasaline applicator.

Do not use water straight from the tap!

Tap water contains many impurities that can cause further irritation and potentially cause serious infections.

Tap water is just not treated or filtered to a high enough standard to use internally as a nasal rinse.

To make sure your water is sterile, it’s important to use bottled water or to pre-boil your tap water and let it cool before using it with your Nasaline nasal rinsing system.

You can also use water that has gone through a very thorough filtration system.

I personally use water from our Berkey water filter and boil it, let it cool, and then use it.

Overkill? Maybe, but I don’t want to mess around with putting non-sterile water up my nose!!


How effective is a nasal rinsing system for nasal and allergy relief?

Nasal rinsing can be very effective in reducing or eliminating symptoms associated with allergies.

Nasaline, and other nasal irrigation systems, manually wash away and dislodge the actual allergens and can help loosen mucus.

Once you have cleared out your nasal cavities using the Nasaline irrigator, you are no longer in contact with the allergens (or they are at least greatly reduced) in your nasal cavity, so you likely won’t have symptoms associated with those allergens anymore.

The FDA states that nasal rinsing systems are ‘usually safe and effective when used and cleaned properly. So be sure to use soap such as a mild dishwashing detergent and clean regularly.

Does the process hurt?

No, the process should not hurt.

It can be a little uncomfortable sometimes though, especially if you have a particularly nasty cold or sinus infection.

But, after you have done it, you will most likely feel refreshed and have some relief from nasal and allergy symptoms.

How often do I need to change my Nasaline rinsing system?

Nasaline recommends that you should replace your nasal rising system every three months.

However, after every use, you should follow their cleaning instructions to keep it in good clean condition.

Do I need to use the saline packets when using the Nasaline nasal rinsing system?

Yes and no. You will need some type of purified salt to make the cleansing saline solution but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the exact Nasaline brand.

I have tried a few different brands of salt meant for nasal rinsing and they all seem to work fine. So, if you use all of the packets that come with the syringe, you can get a different brand of salt, just make sure that it is specifically for nasal irrigation.

Also, I have noticed some others talking about rinsing your nasal passages with just water- I did that once on accident (I forgot to put the salt in :/) and I wouldn’t recommend it personally.

It burned!

Now, maybe my nose was extra irritated or something, but I think the saline solution is much more effective (and doesn’t burn as much) as plain water.

How often do I need to use the Nasaline nasal rinsing system?

It really depends on preference. Some people like to use it every day to preempt any symptoms and keep their nasal cavity clear.

Others prefer to do it on an as and when needed basis.

It is totally your choice and what makes you feel best to help with sinus and allergy relief.

Is Nasaline better than other nasal rinsing systems?

A Nasaline rinsing system is a great option because a lot of thought has gone into developing both the standard and junior Nasaline rining system.

It has a patented silicone tip that makes this nasal irrigator extremely comfortable to use and is very easy to control the flow and pressure of the water through the nasal cavities.

It is also designed to help reduce any backflow if the pressure and flow are reduced too much.

The Nasaline nasal irrigator is a straightforward to use and effective nasal rinsing system.

The saline packets have also been specifically developed for use with the Nasaline irrigator to give you the right salt concentrations for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

Also, I have tried other nasal irrigations systems, and none have been as effective as this system!

And, as an added bonus, it also comes with a storage case that is great if you need to take it on the go.

My Personal Review

Would I recommend Nasaline rinsing system?


In fact, I do- all the time.

I have used the Nasaline nasal rinse system for quite a few years and credit it with seriously helping my sinus and allergy issues.

There is no other product like it that I know of and none of the others I have tried were able to compare.

For those who want allergy relief without any medication, the Nasaline nasal irrigator is an extremely effective alternative.

It works very quickly and relief can be found almost immediately.

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