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Lilac Tea: Health Benefits, Tips & Easy Recipe

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Are you are looking for a unique tea you can make from some of your favorite flowers? Then lilac tea could be perfect for you! Lilacs are edible flowers that have a lovely scent, and when you use the blossoms of this beautiful flowering plant to make tea, you can enjoy a refreshing and uplifting treat.

Are lilacs edible?

Lilacs are small shrubs that have blossoms of purple or white flowers with a distinct floral aroma.

(Unless you have an out-of-control lilac tree as I do, and then it is definitely not small!)

In the spring you can enjoy the smell of lilac bushes in full bloom.

But not only are these little flowers beautiful, but you can also use them to make a lovely tea.

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Are Lilacs Edible?

Yes, they certainly are!

Lilacs can be used in so many different ways.

They are a beautiful addition to many food items.

Lilacs are especially popular in baking as cake decoration and can also be used to make lilac sugar, jelly recipes, cordial, a simple syrup, and even they can even be made into wine!

As you can see, lilacs are actually a very versatile edible plant.

The whole plant is edible and poses no risk to human health or animals (just in case they happen to take an interest in a lilac bush).

But, I have been told that you only get the lovely scent, flavor, and aroma from the flower part of the lilac tree.

From what I’ve heard, it’s not a great idea to use the leaves or stems at all – it’s probably a good idea to just stick to using the flowers 😉

Benefits Of Drinking Lilac Tea

Information about the health benefits of lilacs is not as widely available these days, but there was a time when the medicinal benefits of lilacs were well known and lilac flower tea was used for quite a few health ailments.

Thankfully though, some people still do!

Lilac tea is a lovely soothing drink that is said to aid in digestion and many report that a cup of tea is calming and relaxing to the stomach.

It is also possible that lilac flowers are good for eyes and eyesight.

They contain carotenoids (the pigments/color you see in the flower) which are known to be good for your eyes. In flowers, the carotenoids are stored in a unique way that is linked to good eye health. 

Drinking lilac flower tea is also just a lovely relaxing experience.

The smells and flavors work wonders to help to calm the mind (or that was my experience at least!)

Lilac Tea Recipe

Ready to give this wonderfully fragrant springtime tea a try?

Here is everything you need and an easy way to make afternoon tea!


This recipe will make approximately one cup of tea (multiply accordingly to make a larger quantity)

  • 1 .5 tbsp of fresh lilac flowers (about 1 blossom head) or 1 tbsp of dried Lilac blossom if using dehydrated and dried lilac blossom.
  • 1 cup of water (boiling hot water works best (about 235 ml)
  • Raw honey, syrup, sugar (or any sweetener of choice) to taste (optional)
  • Ice (optional)


When lilacs are in season, take the fresh flowers from the lilac blossoms head and place them in your cup or if using dried blossoms measure this out with a tablespoon and pour in the cup.

Add the boiling water and stir. Leave to steep for at least 10-15 minutes to allow the flavor to really infuse.

You can choose to leave the lilac blossom in or drain the tea away into another cup separating the lilac from your tea.

Add honey or sugar to taste for a really lovely light and refreshing lilac tea recipe, that will let you relax and unwind.

Overnight method:

If you really want a strong infusion of lilac tea, I recommend preparing this tea the day before.

Follow the method stated above but leave the lilac blossom to steep overnight.

Stir a few times if you get the chance just to help the infusion along.

This method will give you a much stronger tasting tea with lots of the lilac nutrients having time to come out into the water.

Lilac Iced Tea

You can also enjoy this lilac tea cool.

If you have steeped it overnight there is no need to warm it up.

To make a lovely refreshing drink just add some ice and let it cool you in the warm spring sunshine.

Where To Find Lilac Blossoms For Tea

What is really wonderful is that lilacs are almost everywhere so finding plentiful purple petals shouldn’t be too difficult.

You may have lilac shrubs in your yard or garden, in which case you can easily just cut off one or two heads as needed when they are in season.

If you don’t have any in your garden check with one of your neighbors, family, or friends, they may have a lilac bush that they would be happy to share (don’t take all their blossoms, they might want to try making tea too!).

If you are still struggling to find fresh lilac blossoms or it’s not lilac season, no need to worry.

There are plenty of reputable retailers who sell dried lilac that is reasonably priced.

One advantage of buying dried lilac blossoms is that they are easy to store and you can keep them longer than fresh lilac flowers.

Tips For Preparation

  • If you have gotten your lilac from your garden or someone else’s (with permission of course) place them as you would other flowers – in a jar with water to keep them fresh before using.
  • Always give your lilacs a good rinse and wash with water before using them to ensure they are clean.

Drying And Storing Your Own Lilac Petals

Love lilac tea but not the short blossom season?

You can always harvest and store your own lilac blossoms toward the end of the season so you can have your favorite fragrant tea any time of year!

Simply hang them or leave them out in a dry area of your home for a few weeks.

Once they have dried out completely, take the petals and store them in an air-tight container (a mason jar with a lid could work for this).

Then the next time you’re in the mood for lilac tea, just head to your pantry and you’ll have just what you need!

So here is your complete guide to lilac tea. It is certainly a tea worth trying, and if made when the petals are in fresh bloom this tea will certainly help give you that uplifting and calming spring feeling.

Drinking this tea, you really can immerse yourself in the fragrant scent and lilac flavor.

Have you tried lilac tea? If so, what did you think?

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