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Homebiotic: A Probiotic Spray For Your Home

Did you know that you can buy a probiotic spray for your home? It’s true, and it’s called Homebiotic!
Keep reading to find out just why you should consider probiotics for your home and how adding them can reduce musty odors as well as benefit your health and help you create a healthy home.

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Homebiotic: A Probiotic Spray For Your Home

With the increasing interest in eco-friendly living, the benefits of good bacteria, and a desire to create a healthy home environment, people are looking for other ways to reduce musty smells, have a clean home, and protect themselves and their loved ones.

With that in mind, you may be wondering what chemical-free options are available.

Let me show you one of my favorite products!

Have you Considered Probiotics?

You may not have ever heard of Homebiotic probiotic spray but it is a great way to help create a healthy home environment and even improve indoor air quality.

Natural probiotic bacteria can help keep your home cleaner and fresher at a microscopic level

The idea is that the spray introduces good bacteria (which are naturally present in healthy soil) into your home which can balance the microbiome and fight against dust, grime, and musty odors.

Working in a similar way to the probiotics many of us now take for a healthy gut, Homebiotic products help to work in harmony with these good bacteria.

Normal disinfectants, however, have the opposite effect, wiping out bacteria causing an imbalance in the home.

Unfortunately, when the bacteria then returns, it is not always the friendly kind, and when this bad bacteria spreads it can ultimately lead to health issues for those that are exposed to it long term.

As a probiotic product, Homebiotic helps to protect your surfaces while at the same time protecting your family and even your furry friends, unlike many other cleaning sprays that are toxic and potentially harmful to the environment.

Homebiotic is an eco-friendly product made with healthy soil bacteria that is 100% safe to use.

This clear, fragrance-free spray is the perfect chemical-free addition to your regular cleaning routine for environmentally conscientious individuals.

Is This Company Reputable?

While the Homebiotic company was first launched in 2015, Homebiotic’s unique formula (which naturally restores the bacterial balance of space) has taken several years to research.

In fact, this idea was first formulated back in 2006 when one of the founders discovered a specific blend of the soil-based bacteria that is used in their products.

For years, we have all been told to douse our surfaces in bleach and other over-fragranced products that are full of chemicals that can actually strip away any microbes that naturally form around our homes.

Often, these products, with their distinctive smells, mask what is really going on and while it may make your house smell nice for an hour or two, it doesn’t mean that it is any cleaner.

It should also be noted that chemical cleaning products can actually destroy valuable bacteria that help to keep us healthy and fight infection.

Sadly, we have become a nation of people who insist on over-sanitizing our homes, to our own detriment.

Hence the creation of Homebiotic- a solution that has been shown to help our homes and workspaces become healthier by encouraging a proper balance of bacteria.

What Ingredients Will You Find In Homebiotic Spray?

In a time where people are more conscious about not only what they are eating but also what they are putting onto their skin and breathing in, even our cleaning products are under scrutiny.

People now want eco-friendly, sustainable products that are not going to further leave a devastating impact on the environment.

Homebiotic is an all-natural probiotic spray that is non-toxic, GMO-free, and suitable for vegans to use

It is a blend of naturally stabilized soil bacteria that is commonly found in digestive probiotic supplements or fermented foods and is suspended in pure water.

There are no added preservatives, enzymes, artificial colors, or scents.

This amazing spray is completely safe to use around the home and is not toxic to either children or animals.

How Should Homebiotic Spray be Used?

You can apply a light mist to any surface that is especially prone to damp-smelling musty odors, for example, showers grout and sealants, areas around sinks and faucets, window sills, and any air ducts you have.

Although it is important to note that this product is not a fungicide and therefore will not be able to remove existing mold or mildew.

In this instance, the area should be fully cleaned first, and then spray with Homebiotic afterward.

When you first use this solution, you will need to apply Homebiotic daily for a week in order to create a probiotic barrier.

After that, you can then reduce this to a weekly application or as needed.

You can also add this to your normal cleaning routine by simply spraying a light mist after cleaning.

Just an FYI- if you are using it on surfaces that come into contact with water frequently you will need to apply this more often as Homebiotic is a water-soluble solution and therefore could be washed away easily. 

Other Helpful Uses For Homebiotic

Homebiotic can be used to prevent the spread of mold and bad bacteria around not only windows and doors but also under sinks, on mattresses and soft furnishings, on pet beds, in cars and other vehicles, on your camping equipment, on work surfaces, and in the cupboards.

If you have an air conditioner, you can also spray Homebiotic directly into the vents to help prevent health issues that can arise from poorly sanitized units.

If you intend to add this Homebiotic spray to wood that has been varnished, a finished wall surface, or a lightly-colored carpet it is advised to do a small spot test first in order to make sure it does not leave any discoloration.

My Personal Experience & Review Of Homebiotic

Because of a roof leak (that we didn’t realize we had until the water was leaking down the wall into our mudroom!) we ended up having a musty odor that I couldn’t stand! Every time we would walk into the house I could smell it.

In addition to that, our basement is damp in the spring and occasionally has a musty smell as well.

I love our old house (it was built in the year 1900!) but I hated the old, musty smell. Even after we totally redid the roof, tore apart the mudroom, use a dehumidifier, and purchased Austin Air purifiers (which I also love!), I would still get a hint of a musty odor once in a while.

So, I went on a hunt to find something natural to fix this problem.

That’s when I found Homebiotic! I was skeptical but decided to give it a try- the only thing I had to lose was a musty smell, right?

Well, I can honestly say that I have noticed a real difference in the smell of our house!

I no longer notice a weird musty smell when I walk in the mudroom, and the basement is no longer musty either.

I am really happy with this purchase and will continue to use it at the end of my cleaning routine to help keep my home environment balanced and healthy!

A Few Last Thoughts About Homebiotic

The idea of using Homebiotic is to build a natural, healthy ecosystem in your home.

No need to continue using chemical products and cleaners that can throw off the balance of your home’s microbiome. Now you can add beneficial probiotics after your normal cleaning to encourage a healthy, balanced environment.

Don’t use products that compromise your health in order to keep your house clean!

Have you tried this Homebiotic Spray? Would you recommend it to others? Have you noticed any significant health benefits from the long-term use of this product?

Let me know in the comments!

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